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His Best Friend’s Sister

If my over-protective brother asks, don’t tell him I slept with his best friend and don’t even mention that I might have gotten pregnant while doing it…

My brother thinks that Nate is exactly the kind of the guy that I should stay away from, even though he is his best friend. Nate is a total womaniser, he changes women like underwear. I guess it comes naturally when you are a billionaire – and not just any billionaire – He is a THORNE.

I had a silly girl-hood crush on him that died long ago. Now, after 10 years, he is back in the town for a company he bought. My brother convinces me to take an internship at Nate’s new company to complete my course.

We are poles apart…

He’s an uptight control freak who lives in suits and ties.
I’m a wild child― totally not his type.
And I wasn’t looking for romance.
Like Nate, I was so over relationships.

I took on a foolish mission to get him to “loosen up”. I wanted him to enjoy life.

I succeeded, he enjoyed a little too much while curling my toes in O’s. I tried to stay away from him, I swear, but he’s so irresistible.

It was completely wrong but it felt so right…

Our secret affair became impossible to hide because our steamy encounters resulted in an unexpected surprise.

My brother is going to kill us both!

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Read as part of this series or as a stand-alone book.